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About Us / Company Profile

Main Control Systems have specialised in the design, engineering and manufacturing of electrical switchboards since their establishment in 1998.

Main Control Systems were established with the aim to provide quality and cost effective switchboards to the marketplace.

The company directors are able to provide over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the electrical switchboard industry.

Main Control Systems were originally located in the Cardiff Industrial Estate, NSW,

As the company grew, the decision was made to relocate to a larger workshop / Current Premises, located at 181 Macquarie Rd, Warners Bay, to accommodate the increase in work and employees.

Our company has developed and maintained a wide and diverse range of electrical switchboards and custom panels - a flexibility that has been able to offer unique and customised solutions.

Main Control Systems are supported by a network of clients in varied industries throughout New South Wales.

Main Control Systems works closely with all regulatory Supply Authorities (ie: Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy, Ergon Energy, etc) to ensure the smooth application of any new switchboard designs for all your project needs. 

Main Control Systems is an electrically orientated company - from our production staff through to our workshop employees - yes that is Electrical Engineers to Electrical Apprentices.

We have the ability to deliver flexible solutions at a reasonable and competitive cost, while maintaining a high level of quality.



Our experienced management makes sure that all your needs are met.

Our aim is to successfully complete and execute the work intelligently, on time and within budget.


Main Control Systems originally started off with only two employees and has grown to currently having 17 employees in total.

Main Control Systems is electrically orientated from our production staff through to our workshop employees - from electrical engineers to electrical apprentices.