Main Control Systems
Operates Monday - Friday
7:00am to 4:30pm


If you're trying to get in contact with us outside of work hours please leave a message on the phone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Main Control Systems are interested in all types of Switchboards, from Commercial to Mining, from Infrastructure to Industrial.

Some of the main work undertaken at Main Control Systems Pty Ltd includes:

- Main Switchboards - 100Amp to 5000Amp Rated, 240V / 415V / 690V / 1000V / 3.3kV

- Main Distribution Boards

- Motor Control Centres

- Remote Pumping Stations

- Local Control Stations

- PLC / RTU Cubicles

- Mechanical Services Switchboards - including Car Park Ventilation Systems, Smoke Spill Systems, Stair Pressurization, Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems

- Power Factor Correction Units

- Active Harmonic Filtering Units

- Solar Protection Panels

- Embedded Generation Protection / Distribution Panels

- Generator / Emergency Back Up Transfer Systems

- Customised Control or Protection Panels

- Marshalling Panels

- Supply Authority Multi Metering Panels

- Embedded Network Multi Metering Panels



Main Control Systems can also offer a wide range of Electrical Engineering assistance along with Thermal Imaging of existing Switchboards and Site Power Analysis of existing Switchboards.